Want to Become an IHSA Official?

If you’re interested in becoming an IHSA Official the first step is to register with the IHSA.

Go to – https://www.ihsa.org/default.aspx

Then click “Officials’ tab.

On the left hand side, click “How to Become a Licensed Official”

On the bottom, click “Start the process.

Once you are registered there are 3 steps left to completing your training.

1 – Attend the rules clinic.
Rules clinics are virtual and done via your computer. There will be in-person training clinic and continuous training as the season goes on, but the virtual rules clinic is required for first year officials or officials new to water polo.

Online Clinics :
February 19, 9-2 – Additional information will be posted on the IHSA site.

2 – View a rules meeting (comes available 2/15-3/22) on the IHSA Site.

3 – Pass the rules test (comes available 2/15-3/22) on the IHSA site.

Optionally you can also attend the Officials Training Tournament on February 20th at Sandburg at 12:00pm. This will provide you an opportunity to meet other officials and shadow experienced officials to learn the mechanics of officating water polo.

Contact Joe Kamper at [email protected] with any questions.