Illinois Water Polo Player Recognition

Illinois Water Polo Player Recognition


Every year Illinois Water Polo wishes to recognize our high school water polo players for their outstanding performance and sportsmanship during the past season.

Please follow the following IWP approved Player Recognition Procedures and submit your information in a timely manner so athletes may be recognized at our annual All State Awards Banquet.  The All State Awards Banquet is held at the end of each season to honor Illinois’ athletes, coaches, and officials.

Since 2010, IWP has also sponsored an All-Star Competition between our All-State Top 40 Boy and Girl Athletes. Please come back later for more information about the 2016 All-Star Event.

Any questions about player recognition can be directed to Chris Cloy at [email protected].


All-Sectional Selection

 Starting with the 2021 season IWP switched to an allotment system for All-Sectional selection as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Beginning with the 2022 season, in an effort to promote more players from more schools being recognized, IWP modified the system to what is listed below.

Prior to Sectionals

  • Each Coach nominates up to 5 athletes from their team for All-Sectional consideration.
    • Coaches should list the athletes in the order in which they believe they should be selected, with the top athlete listed as the most deserving.
  • If a Coach does not complete the nomination process, no athletes from that team can be honored as All-Sectional or All-State.

All-Sectional Team Placement is determined by team finish at the Sectional Tournament.

Selections are as follows:

  • Sectional Champion: 5 recipients
    • 3 selections to 1st Team
    • 1 selection to 2nd Team
    • 1 selection to Honorable Mention Team
  • Sectional Runner Up: 4 recipients
    • 2 selections to 1st Team
    • 1 selection to 2nd Team
    • 1 selection to Honorable Mention Team
  • Sectional Semi-Finalist (2 Teams): 3 recipients per semi-finalist
    • 1 selection to 1st Team
    • 1 selection to 2nd Team
    • 1 selection to Honorable Mention Team
  • Sectional Quarter-Finalist (4 Teams): 1 recipient per quarter-finalist
    • 1 selection to 2nd Team
  • Any teams that lost in play in round: 1 recipient per team
    • 1 selection to Honorable Mention Team

During/After Sectionals

  • Sectional Coach of the Year will be voted on by all Sectional Coaches

All-State Voting

Before State

  • All athletes voted to the All-Sectional teams (1st, 2nd and Honorable Mention) are eligible for All-State voting
  • All coaches that have athletes eligible for All-State consideration can submit a short bio for each athlete that includes season statistics and important information.
  • These bios will then be compiled as part of the complete All-State voting ballot.

During State

  • The coach of the teams in each Sectional Final will comprise the All-State voting panel.
    • Each coach will submit an All-State ballot, voting for 40 athletes and 1 State Coach of the Year.
      • Please note that the State Coach of the Year does not have to be the coach of the winning team.
    • Coaches rank each athlete from 40 to 1, with 40 being the highest ranking and 1 being the lowest ranking.
    • Coaches are not allowed to vote for any athletes from their Sectional.
    • All voting is completed electronically.

After State

  • Votes will be compiled and results announced.
  • The Top 40 vote getters will be awarded All-State.
  • Teams will be determined as follows:
    • 1st Team All-State: Top 10 vote getters
    • 2nd Team All-State: Vote getters 11-20
    • 3rd Team All-State: Vote getters 21-30
    • Honorable Mention All-State: Vote getters 31-40
      • In the event of a tie…
        • If the 10th (or 20th or 30th) spot on a team is a tie, we will have 11 players on that team and then 1 less on the Honorable Mention team. The total number of athletes awarded All-State will remain at 40.
        • If the 40th spot is a tie we will have both athletes receive the award and award a total of 41 All-State athletes.
      • Special consideration for goalie on 1st Team All-State
        • In the event a goalie is not selected to the 1st Team, the goalie receiving the most votes will be placed on the 1st team.
        • This only applies to the 1st Team All-State.
      • Player of the Year will be the individual receiving the most votes
      • State Coach of the Year will also be announced.

Additional Awards

Senior Scholastic Award

  • Given out annually to 1 Boy and 1 Girl
    • Each school can nominate 1 Boy and 1 Girl
    • Requirements:
      • Must be a SENIOR in the current season
      • Minimum of a 3.50/4.0 GPA
      • Exemplify outstanding qualities of the sport in addition to being a top academic student-athlete
      • Nominees should show involvement within their school and community
    • Voted on during the All-State voting process