The name of the organization is Illinois Water Polo and is referred to herein as IWP.BYLAWS OF MIDWEST WATER POLO AND AQUATICS ASSOCIATION,

known as ILLINOIS WATER POLO            


Adopted:  May 7, 2007

Revised:  July 6, 2010

Amended:   June 1, 2021


Article I – Name and Purpose

Section 1. The name of the organization is Illinois Water Polo and is referred to herein as IWP.

Section 2.  IWP is organized to provide direction and growth of the sport of water polo in the state of Illinois at the player, coach, official, club, high school, and collegiate level.  IWP helps educate athletes, parents, officials, and coaches on the proper game play of water polo.  In addition, IWP helps recognize athletes, officials, coaches, and volunteers for outstanding performance and service to Illinois water polo through the annual All-State Banquet and All-Star Games.

Article II – Membership

Section 1.  Membership in IWP includes athletes, officials, coaches, parents, and other interested parties.

Section 2.  Members of IWP are expected to promote good sportsmanship at all events and encourage the growth of the sport at all levels.

Section 3.  Voting members for all business and financial matters are limited to the officers of IWP and the Board of Directors.

Section 4.  Voting to fill officer and director positions is open to all IWP members who have attended at least three (3) meetings leading up to the elections that year and are in attendance at the November IWP election meeting. There is only one vote per person, even if holding more than one position and with only one vote per school or per club.

Section 5.  Specific criteria will be listed for each committee chair to be filled by voting members (see Section 3).  If no volunteer is presented for election, the president is allowed to appoint a committee chair.

Section 6.  In the event of a major weather event or conflict on the date of a voting meeting, the vote will be postponed until the next meeting.


Article III – Organization

Section 1.  The governing structures of IWP include the elected officers and appointed committee chairs, and the Board of Directors elected and/or appointed by the officers of IWP.

Section 2.  Officers and Directors shall be nominated at the September meeting with elections held at the November meeting.

Section 3.  To qualify for an IWP officer position, a person must be a current or retired water polo coach, a current or retired water polo official, a parent of a current or former water polo player, a post-collegiate former water polo player, or a candidate approved by the board.

Section 4.  The officers of IWP include:

  • President, whose duties include: calling and presiding over meetings; organizes the IWP calendar; appointing committee chairpersons; approving submitted bills; overseeing the Dave Perry Scholarship program; and breaking any ties in voting.
  • Vice President, whose duties include: overseeing officer and committee reports; assisting the president; performing any duties assigned to him/her; and running meetings in the president’s absence.
  • Treasurer, whose duties include: providing a written financial report at every meeting; paying submitted and approved bills promptly; sending off the Dave Perry Scholarship checks in a timely manner; providing an annual statement; maintaining and submitting paperwork (Form 990) of IWP not-for-profit status [501(c)3] with the state of Illinois; and assisting in direct audits of the program funds according to accepted accounting principles.  Two different signatures must be on the IWP/MPAA banking accounts:  the treasurer and one of the following: president, secretary, or a board member.  The secondary signature on the checking account may pay approved bills should the treasurer be unavailable.
  • Secretary, whose duties include: recording the minutes at every meeting; providing a written report for every meeting; submitting his/her report for posting on the IWP website; sending out meeting reminders; keeping a record of officer and director terms/limits; and other correspondence related to IWP.
  • All officers are expected to attend all regular meetings, to include media attendance.
  • All officers shall serve for a two-year term, with a limit of four consecutive terms. Officer terms will be staggered:  President and Secretary will be elected in even years; Vice President and Treasurer will be elected in odd years.

Section 5.  An officer shall be removed from his or her office for failing to complete the responsibilities of that office, as determined by the Board of Directors.    A vacancy will be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors until the next election

Section 6.  Standing committees shall include:  USAWP representative; USAWP Zone and Olympic Development (ODP) representative (which may be combined into one (1) representative); AWP representative; water polo officials representative; park districts representative; website master; high school banquet; IWP Hall of Fame; water polo recognitions; fundraising, to include the Dave Perry Scholarship; and college liaison.  Other committees may include, but not limited to, special events, bylaws, nominating, and camps.  Chairpersons must submit timely reports at meetings.

Section 7.  Discussions on IWP plans, events, activities, and expenditures will be made by the membership, officers, committee chairpersons, and Board members in attendance at meetings.  Voting is limited to only the officers and directors at the meeting.

Section 8.  Amendments to the bylaws may be presented at any meeting and discussed.  If a change is deemed appropriate by the officers and directors, the amendment will be presented before the meeting to all in attendance and voted on at the next meeting by the voting members.  In the case of further discussion on changes, voting will take place at the following meeting, with appropriate notification to voting members at least one week in advance of the meeting.

Article IV – Meetings

Section 1.  Regular meetings are to be held at least five times a year with these meetings scheduled for the ensuing year by the president at the November meeting.  These meetings will be scheduled for the ensuing year by the president.  Additionally, meeting notification by the secretary will be via email at least one week in advance to voting members and posted on the website by the webmaster.

Section 2.  Special meetings may be called by the president for special circumstances or events, as needed.  These meeting notifications will be made via email at least one week in advance.

Article V – Board of Directors

Section 1.  The Board of Directors shall have five members. The Board shall be elected by voting members at the November IWP election meeting.  Board of Director members must have participated with IWP, USAWP, or American Water Polo (AWP) for a minimum of five years.  Candidates for Board of Directors shall be nominated by officers or committee chairpersons of IWP.  Members on the Board of Directors will serve for six-year terms, eligible for re-election.  The President will be an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors.  Terms will be staggered to insure that no more than two of the board members change in any year.

Section 2.  The Board is responsible for ensuring the IWP mission/purpose is followed; that IWP’s relationship with USAWP and AWP is maintained; for fiduciary oversight of IWP/MWPAA monies; and for organizing/assisting with special events at the zone or higher level.

Section 3.  The Board will meet, either in person, in a conference call, or in an on-line/email format, at the first IWP meeting of the year.

Section 4.  The Board will select a chairperson from the five members to assist in communications and discussions between the Board of Directors and IWP officers and to be a liaison for the Board with the committees.  This chairperson will supply meeting Board minutes to the officers of IWP and serve as the communications liaison between the Board of Directors and the Officers of IWP.

Section 5. Resignations from the board must be in writing and given to the IWP president.  A board member may be removed by voting members for failure to do an assigned task or for activities that are counterproductive to IWP.

Article VI – Investment Policy

Section 1.  IWP Board of Directors will be responsible for creating and maintaining an Investment Policy Statement.  This policy shall establish investment objectives, policies, guidelines, and eligible securities related to all assets held by Illinois Water Polo, primarily for investment purposes.  The policy shall be reviewed and approved by the board annually.

Section 2.  The treasurer will assist in board discussion, inquiry, and revisions to the Investment Policy Statement.

                                                       Article VII – Policies and Procedures

Section 1.  IWP shall maintain recorded/written policies and procedures for each office, committee, liaison, and representative.

Section 2.  Policies and procedures will be reviewed annually, and updated or amended as appropriate based on a majority vote by the officers and directors.