IWP Board

Illinois Water Polo Officers

President – Joe Kamper (term ends December 2024)
Vice-President – Everado Leon (term ends December 2025)
Treasurer – Jesse Zien (term ends December 2025)
Secretary – Elizabeth Timmons (term ends December 2024)

Illinois Water Polo Board of Directors

Jeff Plackett (term ends November 2021)
Carlos Ceja and Rose Wimer (term ends November 2024)

Illinois Water Polo Committee Members

USAWP representative; USAWP Zone and Olympic Development (ODP) representative: Tim Daniel
AWP representative: VACANT
Park Districts representative: Beto Garica
Webmaster: Jesse Zien
All-State Banquet: Elizabeth Timmons
IWP Hall of Fame: Bill Walztoni, Jeff Wimer, Pat Bauer, Rich Norman
Fundraising and the Dave Perry College Scholarship: Kyle Perry & Elizabeth Timmons
NCAA College and Collegiate Club Water Polo: Ryan Castle
Photography: Tom Musch

BYLAWS – Updated March 11th, 2018

Incorporated as Midwest Water Polo & Aquatics Association
dba Illinios Water Polo