Midwest Masters Tournaments

Midwest Masters Tournaments

1. 616 Winter Tournament (Grand Rapids Area, MI) – hosted by 616 Water Polo Club


1. Two Daves Tournament / Officials Training Tournament (Chicago, IL) – hosted by Illinois Water Polo and held at Fenwick High School
2. Dayton Flyer Invitational (Dayton, OH) – hosted by Dayton Flyers at the University of Dayton
3. Nutty Invite (Cincinnati, OH) – hosted by the Ohio Squirrels at the University of Cincinnati


1. Lake Erie Classic (Cleveland, OH) – hosted by Cleveland Water Polo at  Cleveland State University
2. Augustana College (Rock Island, Ill) – hosted by Augustana College Club Water Polo at Augustana College


1. Outlaws tournament (Frankfort, IL) – hosted by Outlaws Water Polo


1. Michigan (Grand Rapids Area) – hosted by 616 Water Polo Club
2. USA Water Polo Master’s National Championship (California)


1. Des Moines Water Polo Tournament (Des Moines, Iowa) hosted by Des Moines Water Polo at Ashworth Pool
2. Clayton Water Polo Tournament (Clayton, Missouri) – hosted by Clayton Water Polo at Shaw Park Aquatic Center
3. Glenbrook Gators Tournament (Glenbrook, IL) – hosted by Glenbrook Gators  at Glenbrook South High School


1. Midwest Open Senior Men’s Tournament (Chicago, IL) – hosted by the Chicago Park District at Portage Park


1. ENDLESS Summer Water Polo Tournament (Kansas City. MO) – hosted by Kansas City Water Polo


1. Dave Perry Classic (Chicago, IL) – held at Fenwick High School


1. Carthage Christmas Classic (Kenosha, WI) – hosted by Carthage College Club team at Carthage College


If you host an annual tournament in the Midwest and would like this tournament to include teams from Illinois, we can add your event to this list.  Please contact Kyle Perry.