Payment Information for Officials

Payment Information:


Payment for games worked comes from schools or the school district.

The HIGH SCHOOL WATER POLO PAY SCHEDULE details payment for each type of games worked.

It is recommended officials have a W-9 (only page 1 is required) with them to provide to schools if requested.

Some schools have specific payment submission processed detailed as follows:

CPS Payment Forms:

New Officials should complete the below forms (W-9 and W-9 Contact) and send them to the Internal Accounts Department via email to: [email protected] or send them via fax to: 773-553-2704 or 773-553-2711
Call Ashon Harrison (773) 553-6726 to see if it was received by their department.
Other department phone numbers are included on the W9 Contact Form.
Existing CPS officials should call the Office of Sports Administration to see if their IAMS number was not deleted from the system this past Fall. They had a problem with some officials getting deleted from the system.


W-9 Contact Form

Deerfield High School:

All officals must register in Deerfields system and enable them to send online vouchers.

Link to Deerfield System –

Evanston High School:

ETHS Online Officials Voucher

  1. Officials who have not worked at Evanston Township High School within the past year (or officials who have worked in the past year but would like to have direct deposit payment) MUST complete the New Vendor Form first:
  2. Within 24 hrs either before or after working an ETHS home contest, officials must click on this link to complete their online voucher for the contest worked:  It is ideal if officials know their Vendor ID number when completing this form as it will speed up payment but it is not required. Once officials receive their first payment they will see their Vendor ID on that payment.

Glenbrook High Schools (District 225):

A form must be completed for each officiating assignment.  District 225 asks you submit within 24 hours of the completion of the assignment.

Highland Park:

Online Voucher must be completed for each assignment – HP Officials Voucher

Metro Suburban League:

Metro Suburban League will be paying all officials via Arbiter.  Instructions to register are available in the following links:

Arbiter Memo to Officials – Memo from MSL regarding change to Arbiter.  This includes the link to register for Arbiter and support’s contact info for Arbiter.

Arbiter Walk-through – This is a step by step guide to setting up Arbiter along with screenshots to guide you.

ArbiterPay FAQs – Questions and answers to many common issues people experience.

Mundelein High School:

Officials Pay Guidelines

·        Mundelein High School (MHS) requires each official to have a W9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form on file.

·        After your officialing is complete, Click on Access Voucher – complete form and click “submit”.

·        Click on W-9 complete form and email to [email protected]

·        We need one W-9 form on file per official


New Trier High School:

New Trier Athletic Department will be using an online voucher system for this school year.  Information about the voucher can be found at:

ALL OFFICIALS will be required to submit a W9 form with the district business office prior to receiving payment.

Niles West High School:

Niles West (District 219) will be requiring a W-9 for all officials.

Stevenson High School:

Stevenson High School will be paying all officials via Arbiter.  Instructions to register are available above under the Metro Suburban League payment details.


Vernon Hills High School:

Officials must submit voucher forms online at

Complete directions on the submission process are available at the link as well.