IHSA Officials Classroom Clinics Dates Set

The IHSA 2017 Classroom Clinics dates and Tournament have been set.

New Officials are encouraged to attend the first clinic on Sunday Jan 29th, and required to attend the Officials Training Tournament, Feb 10th – 12th.

Anyone who is eligible for promotion should continue to take the steps needed to move to the next level.  An Information letter about promotion comes in your IHSA packet or you can find out more on the IHSA web site in the officials center .

IHSA Classroom Clinics :

Sunday Jan. 29 Level I & II , Fenwick High School 9-4 . Highly recommend this first clinic to all first year officials .
Sunday Feb. 26 Level 1 & II , Fenwick High School 9-4 .
Officials Training Tournament : Feb. 10 , 11 , and 12 all weekend at Fenwick High School

This is a hands on tournament very important to the training process and is mandatory for all first year officials.  New officials with questions can contact Perry, pkorbakis@aol.com.