Payment Information for Officials

Payment Information:


Payment for games worked comes from schools or the school district.

The HIGH SCHOOL WATER POLO PAY SCHEDULE 2018 details payment for each type of games worked.

It is recommended officials have a W-9 (only page 1 is required) with them to provide to schools if requested.

Some schools have specific payment submission processed detailed as follows:

CPS Payment Forms:

All officials working CPS games must complete the below documents for CPS.  Follow the directions on the forms and then the call Financial Services Department at 773-553-2766 one week after submitting forms to receive your IAMS#.


W-9 Contact Form

Deerfield High School:

All officals must register in Deerfields system and enable them to send online vouchers.

Link to Deerfield System –

Glenbrook High Schools (District 225) Payment Forms:

School District 225 (Glenbrook North and Glenbrook South) has implemented a procedure for any official who is working in the district for the first time. The attached form must be completed and submitted with the officials’ voucher on the day of the contest they are officiating. This document only needs to be completed once, any returning official does not need to complete this form.

New Vendor Request – Required

Direct deposit is now available for any vendor or official working at a District 225 school:

Direct deposit Form – Optional

Niles Trier High School:

New Trier Athletic Department will be using an online voucher system for this school year.  Information about the voucher can be found at:

ALL OFFICIALS will be required to submit a W9 form with the district business office prior to receiving payment.

Niles West High School:

Niles West (District 219) will be requiring a W-9 for all officials.

Metro Suburban League:

Metro Suburban League will be paying all officials via Arbiter.  Instructions to register are available in the following links:

Arbiter Memo to Officials – Memo from MSL regarding change to Arbiter.  This includes the link to register for Arbiter and support’s contact info for Arbiter.

Arbiter Walk-through – This is a step by step guide to setting up Arbiter along with screenshots to guide you.

ArbiterPay FAQs – Questions and answers to many common issues people experience.

Mundelein High School:

Officials Pay Guidelines

·        Payment for Mundelein High School competitions only.

·        NO travel games

·        Payments will be processed after Board of Education approval

·        You must fill out a voucher for each day worked. Do not put multiple days on one voucher.

·        Mundelein High School (MHS) requires each official to have a W9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form on file.

·        If this is your first time officiating for MHS, please access a W9 form. Complete the form (page 1) and forward it to Amanda Parola in our business office by e-mail at

·        If you have officiated for MHS previously, but you are unsure if we have a W9 on file, please e-mail a confirmation request to

Mundelein – W9 Questions
Questions regarding W9 forms should be directed to Amanda Parola in the Mundelein High School business office.
Mayra Laboy can be reached at 847-949-2200 ext. 1222 or to her email listed above.

Mundelein – All Other Official Pay Questions
Questions regarding officials pay should be directed to Diane Risdon at Mundelein High School Athletic Department.
Diane Risdon can be reached at 847-949-2200 ext. 1340 or e-mail at

Stevenson High School:

Officials must submit voucher forms online at in the school year worked.

A W-9 is required to be on file in order to receive payment.


Vernon Hills High School:

Officials must submit voucher forms online at

Complete directions on the submission process are available at the link as well.