Welcome Officials!

This page is designed to provide you with all of the necessary information for officiating water polo in the state of Illinois.

IWP assists in the development of our Referees. Tasks range from hosting clinics, assignment to games, award recognition at our Annual Banquet and promoting individuals to the IHSA and USWP Referee Academy. IWP understands the importance of referee development in support of water polo growth throughout the region.

Illinois High School Referees and Officials are evaluated, monitored, and promoted by the IHSA.  If you are interested in becoming an Official, you must first register with the IHSA and pass a standard rules test.

Prior to each High School season, Officials must attend an IHSA Clinic to be eligible for the High School season.

Referees may also be certified for USAWP and local competitions via USAWP Referee Academy.

If you would like to become a Referee or wish to recognize or comment on an individual please contact Perry Korbakis at



The IHSA 2017 Classroom Clinics dates and Tournament have been set.


New Officials are encouraged to attend the first clinic on Sunday Jan 29th, and required to attend the Officials Training Tournament, Feb 10th – 12th.


Anyone who is eligible for promotion should continue to take the steps needed to move to the next level.  An Information letter about promotion comes in your IHSA packet or you can find out more on the IHSA web site in the officials center .


IHSA Classroom Clinics :

Sunday Jan. 29 Level I & II , Fenwick High School 9-4 . Highly recommend this first clinic to all first year officials .
Sunday Feb. 26 Level 1 & II , Fenwick High School 9-4 .
Officials Training Tournament : Feb. 10 , 11 , and 12 all weekend at Fenwick High School

This is a hands on tournament very important to the training process and is mandatory for all first year officials.  New officials with questions can contact Perry,

Handouts and 2016-2017 Information:

2016 Points of Emphasis

2016 NFHS Water Polo Rules Changes

Uniform Info:

Recommended retailers for white pants –

Edwards Garment Men’s Pleated Chino Discount Moisture Wicking Pocket Pants – Available from Amazon

Kohl’s White Golf Pants –

Golf Galaxy –

Cintas – Zip Front Chef Pants – While Supplies Last


Recommended retailers for IHSA Polos –

Minerva Promotions – Search “Officials” –


Cards, Whistles, and Belts can be purchased from Perry at the Clinic or Official’s Tournament.

Payment Information:


Payment for games worked comes from schools or the school district.

The HIGH SCHOOL WATER POLO PAY SCHEDULE 2017 details payment for each type of games worked.

It is recommended officials have a W-9 (only page 1 is required) with them to provide to schools if requested.

Some schools have specific payment submission processed detailed as follows:

CPS Payment Forms:

All officials working CPS games must complete the below documents for CPS.  Follow the directions on the forms and then the call Financial Services Department at 773-553-2766 one week after submitting forms to receive your IAMS#.


W-9 Contact Form

Niles Trier High School:

New Trier Athletic Department will be using an online voucher system for this school year.  Information about the voucher can be found at:

ALL OFFICIALS will be required to submit a W9 form with the district business office prior to receiving payment.

Niles West High School:

Niles West (District 219) will be requiring a W-9 for all officials.

Mundelein High School:

Officials Pay for Mundelein H.S.

*Go to

*Scroll to the bottom of the page

*Click on Access Voucher – complete form and click “submit”

*Click on W-9 complete form and email to

*Only need one W-9 form per official

Stevenson High School:

Officials must submit voucher forms online at in the school year worked.

A W-9 is required to be on file in order to receive payment.