Coaching Resources

What’s a new coach to do? You’ve been asked to coach water polo. By trade, you’re a swim coach, a basketball coach or played some club polo. Or maybe you’re an old hand at this and you just want to get some fresh perspective. So where can you go to get some help, either via a newsgroup/message board or through website information? Here’s a list of websites and resources to get you started.

United States Water Polo (USWP)The home for United State Water Polo, the national organization governing water polo. Includes articles on the national teams and resources for athletes, coaches, parents and fans. Provides up-to-the second coverage on all Illinois High School Water Polo information.  Includes scores, statistics, standings, schedules, team information, and publicity for all of Illinois High School Water polo.

Midwest Water Polo: Website focused on the Midwest Zone of USA Water Polo, which includes Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin. News covers USWP interactions, Zone positions with USWP, Midwest Zone Team Member information, schedules and results.

Water Polo Planet: Website designed to promote Collegiate water polo as well as provide information about the sport for coaches, parents, and athletes.

Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA)Official website of the CWPA.  Promotes collegiate water polo and provides information about both Varsity and Club teams throughout the nation.

American Water Polo: A non-profit membership based organization whose purpose is to provide opportunities for athletes of all ages to enjoy the sport of water polo. Its primary focus is the provision of insurance coverage and competitive opportunities for teams at an affordable rate. To this end the organization runs leagues and competitions, as well as providing assistance for individual teams to do so independent of the national office.

Championship Productions Water Polo VideosInstructional videos available for purchase by John Tanner, Stanford University Coach from Championship Productions.

EteamzFREE and straightforward articles on various water polo skills and game tactics.